Writing activities for the mitten by jan brett author

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Writing activities for the mitten by jan brett author

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writing activities for the mitten by jan brett author

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I felt very uncomfortable.The Mitten Activity Packet Thanks to the wonderful graphics available on Jan Brett’s site: r-bridal.com I was able to design some wonderful activities to do after reading: The Mitten.

The packet includes: Move Over Please, So I Won’t Freeze easy reader booklet, which reinforces lots of Common Core, especially ordinal numbers and verbs.

Activities. A About Jan Brett Addition and Subtraction Puzzles Addition Flash Cards Advent Calendar Mitten Email Postcards Mitten Line Drawings Months of the Year Bulletin Board Click here for the best bookstore prices on Jan Brett books. Use these language arts activities to do with 'The Mitten' by Jan Brett as part of a first grade unit about 'The Mitten' or Jan Brett's books.

Students will make a class book, practice their creative writing skills and learn about using Venn diagrams to compare books. Books by Jan Brett have been huge favorites in our house, especially her story The r-bridal.com illustrations are simply amazing, and there are many activities that can be done to encourage learning as we read: sequencing, animal habitats, and so much more!

The Mitten, Jan Brett - my Granddaughter and I love this book! Jan Brett in her art studio, speaking about illustrating and writing Jan Brett- Great video to intro an author study on her! Millions of readers have fallen in love with Jan Bretts The Mitten, and over million .

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Our author of the month is Norman Bridwell, author of Clifford, so of course the first story I read was "Clifford the Firehouse Dog". We made these cute Clifford puppets that were inspired by Mrs. Schmelzer's First r-bridal.com has some great fire safety activities to check out!

Jan Brett (Author of The Mitten)