Touch football analysis essay

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Touch football analysis essay

It is a dangerous sport because there is a lot of physical contact. While millions of people watch the sport, not all of them understand how the game works because it is a difficult game to understand right away.

It gets easier to understand the game after you have played it. Football is played by two opposing teams, of eleven players. Each team tries to move the ball down the field to score points by getting in to the end zone guarded by its opponents. During a football game the teams are designated as the offensive team and the defensive team.

The offensive team is the team with possession of the ball. The defensive team is the team who defends a goal line against an offensive team.

The eleven players of the offensive team are divided into two groups: The linemen play on the line of scrimmage and the backs play behind the linemen in various positions. The defensive team consists of a row of linemen, a row of linebackers, and a collection of defensive backs, called the secondary.

Players score points by running or passing the ball down the field until they reach the endzone, which is worth seven points. After on team scores they kick the ball to the opposing team to give them a chance to score. At the end of 60 minutes, whatever team has the most points is declared the winner.

To protect themselves from violent body contact, players wear complicated equipment such as lightweight flexible padding covering the thighs, hips, shoulders, knees, and sometimes the forearms and hands. Players also wear plastic helmets with guards that coverNFL NFL Analysis, Grades & Stats Premium Stats New Advanced Player & Team Performance Stats PFF Greenline New Spread, Moneyline and Over/Under Picks Fantasy Expert Rankings, Projections & .

Touch football analysis essay

Football head to head analysis essay. 25 Nov Football head to head analysis essay.

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Touch Football and Energy Systems Essays; Touch Football and Energy Systems Essays. Words Aug 26th, 9 Pages.

Analysis to Their Relevance of Touch Football Touch football is a type of football in which the ball carrier is downed by touching instead of tackling. In the game of touch football, there are many different .

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