The use of psychographic segmentation in doing a market analysis

This article wants to provide an overview into 1 what marketing is, 2 the importance of a marketing plan, 3 the components of a marketing plan, and 4 common frameworks used when writing a marketing plan.

The use of psychographic segmentation in doing a market analysis

Find out how to properly utilize psychographic segmentation.

Marketing segmentation is a marketing strategy that involves dividing a broad target market into subsets of consumers who have common needs and application for the relevant goods and services. Marketing campaigns are then designed and implemented to target these specific customer segments.

One of the main reasons to use market segmentation is to gain a competitive advantage by understanding the needs of a specific customer base.


Many mass marketing techniques that are used assume all customers are the same. Correctly using market segmentation allows you to better know your customer base, and align your marketing efforts and messaging strategy.

Common Segment Descriptors Descriptors are customer characteristics, used during the strategic planning phase, that are significant enough to divide your market. Grouping your customers into cultural clusters, social status, lifestyle and personality type.

Grouping your customers based on who decides to purchase your product within the company structure. Grouping customers by product usage.

Is There Demographic Bias in Marketing Segmentation? Holly Claytor July 12, Find out how to properly utilize psychographic segmentation. Distributing mass campaigns to largely untargeted prospects is a thing of the past.

For example; light, medium or heavy users. This stage also factors in brand loyalty and the type of user.

The use of psychographic segmentation in doing a market analysis

Grouping customers by a specific area, such regions of the country or state and urban or rural. Grouping customers based on where they go to purchase your product, such as online, store or through a catalog. Grouping customers by age, income level, gender, family size, religion, race, nationality, language, etc.

Market Segmenting Best Practices: The process just takes time and research. It is important to prepare and do your research upfront to truly determine your segments and then align with marketing efforts.

Four Simple Rules for Market Segmentation 1. This will give you a greater opening to a competitor who targets more narrowly. Organize your business by market segments. Many begin by establishing market-focused teams or groups which later get organized into a market-focused business model.

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Manage your segments globally. Sometimes regional organization can set you up to be blind-sided later by a more dynamic global economy. Complete your analysis and research strategic market segment portfoliothen be bold about attacking those segments.

Bad Market Segmentation Research So at this point, you are probably asking yourself; what am I doing wrong? What is good market segmentation?

Good market segmentation research should provide your company with a clear direction to move forward with and an idea of which markets will be best to target.“I am starting a cleaning business and it is going to be green.” This is one of the most common refrains I hear.


How Do Customers Think and Act?

Having a cleaning business is wonderful, but if people what it is, it cannot thrive. That is where marketing your . Identifying global market segments, to the extent that they exist, makes it more feasible to implement a GMS, since cross-market segments are identifiable and targetable with similar marketing mix variables.

Employing psychographics in your business marketing means that you are paying attention to consumer opinions and values — psychographic analysis is often called “lifestyle analysis.” Instead of demographic data collected by a census surveyor, the marketing use of psychographics refers to the kind of data a psychologist might use to.

CLUSTER ANALYSIS FOR SEGMENTATION Introduction market segmentation has become a central concept of marketing behavior, geo-demographic, and psychographic characteristics.

In cases where firms do not have access to detailed information about each customer, information from surveys of a representative.

Psychographic segmentation - dividing the market into different groups based on lifestyle or personality characteristics of the consumers. Lifestyle characterized by what consumers spend their time as they rest in which homes and apartments live, what it represents the interior of .

This is why you need to use market segmentation to divide your customers into groups of people with common characteristics and needs.

This allows you to tailor your approach to meet each group's needs cost-effectively, and this gives you a huge advantage over .

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