The half year economic report of

Gross domestic product GDP refers to the market value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given period. The Real GDP growth is adjusted for price changes, as inflation or deflation and is chained to the U.

The half year economic report of

Unemployment falls to 3. The jobless rate ticked down to 3. That tied the lowest unemployment rate since Since then, the only other time unemployment was this low was in April We had more people coming into the labor market. We saw employers digging deeper into the pool of unemployed," said Josh Wright, chief economist at the software firm iCIMS.

The jobs report painted a picture of an economy with opportunities for almost everyone. Black unemployment fell to a record low, and the gap between black and white unemployment shrank to the narrowest ever measured.

Job openings are at a record high, and businesses are hungry for workers. That has helped underrepresented Americans find jobs. The unemployment rate among African-Americans and Asian-Americans has been steadily declining.

It has also dropped among low-education workers and even teenagers. Over the past year, the unemployment rate among to year-olds has fallen from Economists believe that the unemployment rate can dip even further because there's still slack in the job market.

The employed percentage of America's population stands at Despite questions about employers' ability to find qualified workers, the economy addedjobs in May, better than economists predicted.

Job gains were broad. The retail, health care and construction sectors added the most positions. The economy has addedjobs a month this year on average, a faster pace than last year. The economy has been expanding for almost nine years, the second-longest streak on record.

And employers have added jobs every month for seven and a half years, a record. Modest wage growth remains the great puzzle in the economy. Although wage growth has picked up in recent months, economists have been puzzled for a long time about why pay isn't climbing faster.

In a job market this tight, employers are typically forced to pay much more to attract workers. Productivity and inflation are lower than in previous periods of growth, and economists believe that has kept a lid on wages. The erosion of workers' bargaining power has also played a role.

Employers are turning to new workers — such as younger people and those just re-entering the job market — to fill positions vacated by better-paid veteran workers who are either retiring or taking new positions elsewhere. Economists are confident that wages will keep climbing as competition for workers grows.

Dozens of companies have already announced pay hikes and more attractive benefits to lure workers. A little more than an hour before the jobs report was released, President Trump broke with precedent by saying on Twitter, "Looking forward to seeing the employment numbers at 8: Bond yields jumped almost immediately, and the dollar moved higher.

The jobs report is kept under wraps until the Labor Department publishes it at 8: ET, in part so investors can't get a jump on the data before it becomes public.Jun 01,  · And employers have added jobs every month for seven and a half years, a record. Modest wage growth remains the great puzzle in the economy.

Wages are % higher than a year . Continued geopolitical conflicts and oil price weakness could set back economic growth. Growth in Saudi Arabia is forecast to accelerate to percent in from percent in , while growth is anticipated to pick up to percent in the Arab Republic of Egypt in FY from percent last year.

The half year economic report of

EVT │ Half Year Economic Indicator Analysis which came into effect February 1 The consequence of this increase in TOT percentage has a correlation with overall consumer prices, which subsequently experienced a substantial. Half-Year Financial Report ; This Report provides information on our business development in the 2nd Quarter and 1st Half of.

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Between April and August this year, approved FDI totalled US$ billion, less than half of the US$3 billion forecast by the government for the April-September six-month period between the two fiscal years. Development financing is one of the requirements for sustainable economic growth in any economy. The supply of finance to various sectors of the economy will promote the growth of the economy in a holistic manner and this, will make development, welfare improvement to proceed at a faster rate. Half-year reports on our business performance Half-year reports ArcelorMittal’s half-year reports ensure that shareholders are kept up to date with changes in the company’s financial and operational status.

Chemicals. Performance Products. Half-year Report to 30 June 26 July On track for another good year financial condition, liquidity, prospects, growth, strategies and the economic and business circumstances occurring from time to time in the countries and markets in which the Group operates.

This year, however, we are deviating from the norm. Since we published our Outlook report, (Un)Steady as She Goes, the tug-of-war between the steady factors supporting the financial markets and the unsteady 5 Global Economic Growth 7 Low Probability of Recession in the US.

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