Srs for online assignment submission system

The application will have a user friendly and menu based interface. Following screens will be provided:

Srs for online assignment submission system

The application will have a user friendly and menu based interface. Following screens will be provided: Access to different screens will be based upon the user. Higher resolution will be accepted.

Srs for online assignment submission system

The website will allow access only to authorised users with specific roles Administrator- maintains the website, Institutes-Register to select the forms submitted by the students, Students-Apply for admission online a summary of the major functions that the website will perform: Provide facility to institutes to register to conduct an online admission process.

Institutes can enter the number of programs and there course details and the list of eligible students selected. Students can login and submit the admission form.

Users should be comfortable with the English language. Users should have prior information regarding the online admission process. Users should have basic knowledge and should be comfortable using general purpose applications on computers.

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The application is online so taking into consideration that all the details are true. Students can submit application form just once. The future versions of the website will be having a better database to handle larger number of records, in a more secure way.

Also separate profile will be maintained later for all students so that he can view all his previous academic records later.

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This section provides software requirements to a level of detail sufficient to enable designers to design the system and testers to test the system. Various fields available on this screen will be:Adult Central Nervous System Tumors Treatment (PDQ®)–Health Professional Version.

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Jan 24,  · 1. What is the Diff between APPS Schema and other Schemas?

Srs for online assignment submission system

Apps schema contains only Synonyms we can't create tables in apps schema,where as other schema s contains tables, & all the objects. Registrar’s hours September Telephone lines and service windows will be closed today for a staff event. Regular business hours apply on Thursday, September SRS for Course Management System-Applications of Computer Sciences-Project Report, Projects for Applications of Computer Sciences.

Submission of the Assignments system. The assignments file may consist of more than one file. Moreover, the students will not be able to submit assignments after the due date.

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