Recipe for friendship writing activity

Animals in Winter So right now in preschool we are learning about Animals in Winter I don't know why I always have so much fun with this theme!! Anyway, today for a science experiment, we discovered what it would feel like to be a Polar Bear swimming in the icy water kind of. First, have each child put their bare hands in a bowl of freezing ice water.

Recipe for friendship writing activity

A Grade List To Print and send home. Includes Tips and book ideas for summer reading! Inspire students to maintain their writing skills during summer break by giving each child a small gift and a promise. To prepare each gift, place three decorated sheets of stationery and a stamped, self-addressed envelope in a decorated bag with this letter.

Distribute the bags on the last day of school. Invite each child to write a friendly letter to you this summer. Suggest that students describe special summer happenings in their letters. Promise to reply to each letter that you receive.

It may be as much of a treat for you to read about your students' summer adventures as it will be for them to get letters from you! Print on thick paper. Personalize these with your students names. Give them as a gift at the end of the year. End of the Year Files: Student Memory Book An eight page mini book for your students to write in, color, and illustrate.

recipe for friendship writing activity

Give the candy bar to your class as an end of the year reward. You can personalize the candy bar wrapper with your name and name of your school. End of the Year Certificate k-3 A certificate that can be given to any student in your class at the end of the year.

I wrote a little poem to go with this end of the year gift idea. Also included is a recipe card for Play-Doh. Print these two things and attach to the gift.

Summer and Beach Thematic Files 6. Just print, laminate, cut, and play. Beach Ball Color A Rhyme K-3 Similar to erase a rhyme, student must listen to or read a rhyme and then complete a task.

The last page is an activity page. Graphing for Summer Student cuts out pictures and glues them to the graph.

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The student answers given questions about the graph. Ice Cream Thematic Files An independent center sheet is provided for your students to complete. Ice cream flavor graphing activity Student graph classmates favorite flavors and then answers questions about the graph Ice cream mini counting book k-2 Student fills in the number word and colors the book.

When they are finished they will have a mini book to share with an adult. Also includes a glyph data sheet for your students to fill out once the glyphs are displayed.

Summer Fun Game Board Treats for the End of The Year These are word files that will be sent to you in Zip Format via email.

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This is an instant download. Directions for easy download will be sent right after you place the order. I wrote a cute poem to match this gift idea. The poem is found in the packet above. Print the note on cardstock.

Print the recipe on cardstock. String a cookie cutter through ribbon. Tie the note and cookie cutter around a jar of playdough.

Pass out to your students on the last day of school.Inspire students to maintain their writing skills during summer break by giving each child a small gift and a promise.

Some of the worksheets displayed are Lets be friends, Friendship soup b i g i deas, A recipe for a good friend, What is friendship work, Making and keeping friends, Friendship mattersfriendship mattersfriendship matters, Lesson 1 introduction to peer relationships, Amado angela novak amado pillsbury dr se.

Recipe for a Perfect Friend The perfect friend can be hard to find, but once you've found them, let them know! Encourage the children to think about all the things that go into a good friendship with this cute "recipe" printable. Language is a Virus. exists to cure writer's block and inspire creativity.

You can choose from a multitude of writing games, gizmos, generators, writing prompts and exercises, tips, experiments and manifestos from infamous avant garde writers and how-to articles on fiction writing .

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We just completed the Recipe for a Great Friendship activity on Friday afternoon. The kids' recipes were adorable "4 cups of playing soccer, 2 tablespoons of going to the park".

It provided a nice opportunity to teach a mini-lesson on units of measurement too (since many of the terms were new to my ELL students).

I’ve had this recipe for Resurrection Cookies in my Easter file for a while, but this is the first year I felt my girls were ready for them. (The last few years we’ve made Resurrection Rolls — just because I felt the simpler approach to the death and resurrection of Jesus was more age-appropriate forcontinue Reading.

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