How to write a spiritual formation plan

Traditionally, we think of outstanding pastors and Christians as being spiritual. We usually characterize these people by their integrity, love, and mystical experiences with God periodically expressed in spiritual gifts: Unfortunately, while we admire their spirituality, we rarely give thought to the journey that nurtured it.

How to write a spiritual formation plan

Because of these limitations he suggests a better alternative: As Christians we have received from God a range of pre-determined biblical principles, some of which addressed in the Setting Biblical Foundations studies, and some we have looked at in Section A above.

It is on these principles that our lives as Christians should be centred, and from which we can develop our personal mission statement [purpose statement] by which our short and long term goals will then be determined.

By making God-given principles our centre we are effectively making God the centre from which all of our life — its priorities, its goals, its standards, its choices - will emanate.

Our mission statement gives our life both boundaries and direction. If God-focused Biblical principles are the basis for your mission statement this will provide a stable foundation and criteria for your choices and outlook in every area of your life. Complete Section 2 of the Study One Worksheet now.

As a Christian you need to look at each of these in terms of: What you are currently doing. What you want or ought to be doing.

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How what you are doing or want to do fits with Biblical Priorities and Biblical Principles How what you are doing or want to do fits with your person Mission Statement. The eight areas of life, and what is involved in them for the Christian, are: This relates to your relationship with God.

Fundamental to your relationship with God is your knowledge of God and your obedience to God. Under this heading your goals will relate to things like Deliberate reading and studying of the Word of God. Regular prayer A determination to know and believe the truth about God. A determination to serve God.

Ministry Plan Example | Jim Baker 4 Growing in DISCIPLESHIP 3. DISCIPLESHIP OBJECTIVE: Lead every member to develop an intentional spiritual growth plan that includes discovering and accepting their life calling in the kingdom. JesusWalk - Beginning the Journey is a discipleship training and spiritual formation program for new believers. The course provides a balance of Christian doctrines, core values, and spiritual disciplines designed to produce strong Christians who continue to grow as committed disciples of Jesus. Suggestions for writing a Biopsychosocial Formulation Attached is a copy of the article, "A Method for Developing a Biopsychosocial.

Being part of a Bible study group or discipleship program. This is potentially a very large and important area, depending on the size of your family, and your current family status.

Your goals may relate to Maintaining loving and supportive relationships with family members. Improving or mending relationships that are currently fragile or broken.


Being the kind of son, daughter, husband, wife, parent, etc that God wants you to be. Living within the sexual and sexuality boundaries set by God. Being a role model of Christian faith within your family.

Praying and working towards the conversion of unbelieving family members. Finding a life partner. Becoming a parent, or having more children.It’s possible—perhaps even likely—that you’ve never heard the phrase spiritual formation before. It’s the kind of terminology that’s often sequestered in academic circles.

But in recent years, the. A Spiritual Growth Plan (SGP) is an intentional, thought through, and written out plan that describes and defines what you believe God would have you do to walk with Him and grow spiritually.

God causes us to grow, but it is our responsibility to put ourselves in the position to grow. Spiritual Formation and Guidance 1 Write a spiritual autobiography about with God in which you openly declare your future intentions for spiritual growth and formation.

Plan to share your rule with peers on April Instead of reading your rule to the group, summarize your future spiritual commitments. How to Develop a Spiritual Growth Plan My friend Del Fehsenfeld first steered me into a new world of literature and thought about spiritual formation almost six years ago.

I think he was the first person I ever heard mention a "spiritual growth plan." I write about the application of Christian doctrine to the Christian life.

Here are my. Spiritual Formation Practical Lessons from Boa's Conformed to His Image: A Personal Spiritual Formation Plan Spiritual formation, or the development of the spiritual aspect of human nature that is innate to all peoples of all cultures and religions, is a more complex and profound task than most people realize.

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how to write a spiritual formation plan
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