Gun safety for kids

Government data and academic research on gun violence show that young people in the United States are at disturbing risk of getting shot — by other children, by their parents, by themselves, by strangers. No space is safe: So far this year, at least 50 people have been shot or killed on a K or college campus, and the country averaged one school shooting every week, according to a report from CNN.

Gun safety for kids

Originally published as 20 J. For educational use only. The printed edition remains canonical. For citational use please obtain a back issue from William S. Introduction This Essay is a distillation of two speeches.

The common theme of my two speeches is the apparent disregard by gun control more correctly, gun prohibition advocates of civil liberties and civil rights issues, the largely adverse criminological research conclusions, and Second Amendment constitutional scholarship. Thus, both my speeches stressed the remarkable discrepancy between scholarship whether social scientific or constitutional and the "accepted wisdom" that disarming ordinary, law abiding, and responsible citizens is both desirable and constitutional.

It is less about criminology than about ideology and morality. But, this broad popular support is based on a desire to mitigate the social harms associated with firearms. Such pragmatic concerns are largely tangential to the cultural and moral concerns that motivate the anti-gun movement of organizations like Handgun Control, Inc.

They seek laws to affirm symbolically their moral vision while simultaneously rejecting and condemning the contrary moral vision of gun owners. A law banning defensive gun ownership will inculcate their views that: Professor Gary Kleck's Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America.

As a social scientist, Ross commends Kleck's meticulous clarification of the p. Thus, Ross does not deny though neither does he dwell on the fact that handguns save far more innocent lives than criminals misusing them take each year.

However, Ross asserts that "despite the masses of data and the cleverness of his analysis and argument, Kleck has missed the point. The social order is seen to rest adequately on masses of potential victims using the threat of gun violence to deter masses of potential armed criminals.

But Ross' remarks show that this argument means less than otherwise appears. For, when it turns out that it is defensive gun ownership that saves lives, it also turns out that saving lives is not "worth it"--at least not to Ross who is very candid about this observation. Ross approvingly notes that the tragic "fate of James Brady" provided the "impetus for attempts at broader gun control.

About The Trace Rutgers University Children who participate in gun safety programs often ignore what they learned when they encounter a real firearm, research shows. The report, which appears in Health Promotion Practicereviewed 10 studies on the effectiveness of strategies for teaching gun safety to children ages 4 to 9.

My point is to show that the willingness to sacrifice what the anti-gun movement is ostensibly seeking to preserve explains the anti-gun ideology's disregard for criminological and historical facts, as well as civil liberties issues. The Second Amendment [17] My position here, like that of virtually every other scholar who has recently addressed the issues, discomfits both extremes in the gun debate.

Let me begin with the common denial by anti-gun advocates that the right to arms applies to individuals.

Gun safety for kids

They claim that the Second Amendment only guarantees states the right to armed militias. This position is not just wrong, but frivolous--something that no knowledgeable person can honestly argue in light of modern research. Among thirty-six law review articles addressing the Amendment sinceonly four take the states' right position.

Three of those articles were written by paid employees of anti-gun groups and the fourth by a politician. The States' Right View--A 20th Century Invention The very concept that the Second Amendment only guarantees that states will have the right to maintain a militia, while denying individuals the right to bear arms, is an invention of this century's gun control debate.

The Founding Fathers seem not to have had even the remotest inkling of such a concept. This commentary was widely published and republished before Congress when it enacted the Bill of Rights.A bunch of kids who understand the importance of firearm safety and the second amendment.

We are set on spreading the truth about firearms. THE SIX BASIC GUN SAFETY RULES. There are six basic gun safety rules for gun owners to understand and practice at all times: Treat all guns as if they are loaded.

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“I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house”: Gun Control PSA Tells Kids to Steal Parents’ Guns, Turn Them in at School. May 11,  · Guns in the home proving deadly for kids. While efforts at gun control are still being fought, children's advocates are urging parents and communities to take their own steps to protect kids.

Gun safety literature, videos and resources including gun safety and etiquette, Project Childsafe and suicide prevention information. Guns are in many homes, so they're a very real danger to kids, whether you own one or not.

Learn how to talk with your kids about gun safety.

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