Genre based writing research

Abstract I report here on the preliminary findings of a research project involving a genre-based writing course designed for intermediate and advanced learners of English.

Genre based writing research

genre based writing research

A Genre-based Approach to Writing: Ultimately, I hope to demonstrate that it helped students to develop their knowledge of writing and writing pedagogies. Course Description The integrated reading and writing course was designed for students to practice their reading and writing skills in academic and non-academic contexts.

Since students were NNESTs, the course also aimed to provide them with practical experience in writing pedagogies. Therefore, this approach allows student writers from diverse backgrounds, including multilingual writers, to bring their prior knowledge of genres and build on it to face new writing situations.

During the course, students were asked to analyze genre features and reproduce them in unique ways. The course was divided in two modules of four weeks each. The first module included genres for self-representation, a profile for the university web-based learning system, a narrative of a personal anecdote, an informal letter, and a post for a social media website the latter will be further explained in the next section.

As for the second module, it mostly included academic genres, like professional emails, lesson plans, and presentations. The class met every day for fifty minutes.

genre based writing research

The weekly schedule was organized in the same way every week with the purpose of helping students to develop a habit of genre research. On Mondays, we would engage in reading comprehension activities.

The book chosen was The House on Mango Street. On Tuesdays, students would do a genre analysis of one of the genres mentioned above.

Wednesdays were devoted to one specific aspect of the genre, namely, its language. Students would conduct linguistic research and language-based activities. On Thursdays, students would begin the production of the first drafts of the genres. Finally, on Fridays, students would do peer review and work on the production of their second drafts.

A Social Media Genre: Students were asked to read the home page of the Humans of New York Facebook site for background and contextual information as well as one post about Refaai Hamo, a Syrian refugee Figure 1. Humans of New York post on Refaai Hamo First, students analyzed some of the most relevant rhetorical aspects of the post related to the production Who is the author?

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Where was the post written? What tools did the author of the post use to create it? What does he want to accomplish by writing the text? What types of interactions does this post involve? Next, they discussed the language and modes of communication images, emoticons, words, gestures, etc.

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For example, they noticed formal and informal registers and different languages Arabic and English. In order to do so, they brainstormed questions, edited them, conducted the interview, wrote the answers down and transformed them into a post that resembled the one analyzed.

For example, Irene, one of the participants in the study, initially reported in the questionnaire at the beginning of the semester that writing had not been part of her teaching. In addition, her answers to the following questions provide further insights the answers are cited verbatim: How was the experience of writing in digital media?

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Have you learned something that would you like to include as part of your teaching practices?offer genre based writing as this model because “perhaps more than any other pedagogical approach, [genre based writing] offers us a research- and theory-based, text- and community-aware means of teaching beyond the sentence” (loc ).

Genre based writing 1. Teaching writingThe genre approach 2. What is a genre based approach• This approach identifies that writing is a social activity with particular power relations and social conventions. The approach explicitly identifies the social and linguistic conventions of different types of texts.•.

research on the integration of the genre-based approach into teaching writing in Arabic and the absence of such an approach, this paper proposes a genre-based framework for teaching writing in Arabic.

Thank you for another great post, lots of useful ideas and links. Of different approaches to writing (product-, process-based) genre approach is the one I am least familiar with.

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Genre-Based Writing Approach What is Genre-based Writing Approach? Identifies writing as a social activity and seeks to identify the social conventions related to each form of writing.

ROGER is a research project whose aim is to develop a methodology for the analysis of academic writing genres at Romanian universities in a contrastive perspective: genres written in Romanian versus genres written in English.

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