Cumberland metal industries essay

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Cumberland metal industries essay

It is because each of the customers make it use in different manner which indeed changes the importance for the customers Feng, Li and Zhang, Furthermore, CMI pads provides several efficiency advantages over other pads.

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However, these benefits and advantages lead contractors to perform their tasks and operations at low cost to influence the purchasing decision and market penetration. Economic value to the customer EVC In general terms, this method illustrates the maximum amount that a customer is willing to pay for the product.

Further, assuming that buyer is totally aware about the benefits and drawbacks of the product in comparison to the competitors offering. In order to evaluate the EVC researcher has to use the below illustrated formula: However, reference value refers to the price of closest substitute product used in the same target market. - Miscellaneous Term Papers and Essays - C

On the other hand, differentiation value refers to the product's attribute difference between own offering and the closes substitute. In the present case, Cumberland Metal Industry, Cushion metal pads closest substitute is Aabestos pads.

Comparative performance According to the Colerick test, when two pads were compared various results and outcomes were generated. For instance, CMI get the job required 55 foot plies driven 50 feet under the ground.

Contractor used Asbestos pads first and for which 18 pads were placed at the start for the job until they lost their resiliency.

In regards to this, few more pads were added until set of 24 completed. However, these much pads spent all of them were removed and repeated the cycle.

On the other hand, when CMI pads were used initially four were installed until 46 plies were driven.

Cumberland Metal Industries - Research Paper

Thereafter, 1 more pad was added and driven until pile were completed. Furthermore, 1 more inserted in the helmet until job was completed.

Cumberland metal industries essay

Identify the price of the closest competitive product to determine reference value Therefore, according to the above test it can be said that, Asbestos pads took In regards to this, number of asbestos pads required by contractor to complete the job are Identify all factors that differentiate your product from the competitive product According to the given case study, both products can be differentiated on the level of their efficiency in completing the given task or job.

Form the table provided it can be evaluated that, CMI pads in comparison to asbestos pads are more feasible as they are performing well enough to accomplish pile hammer project in Along with this, Asbestos on per set of pads are piling on 15 feet where as CMI around For the present work, number of set changes required by contractor in case of asbestos around 20 and using CMI only one.

Contractor needed 20 minutes to change per set of asbestos and 4 minutes for CMI pads.

QUESTION 1. What is your price for the curled metal pads? Cumberland Metal Industries is one of the leading industries in the curled metal products industry and it is the largest manufacturer of the curled metal products in the whole country. Case Analysis – Cumberland. About Cumberland Metal Industries (CMI) is one of the largest manufacturers of curled metal products in the country. Cumberland Metal Industries This Case Study Cumberland Metal Industries and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • November 5, • Case Study • 5, Words (22 Pages) • 2, Views4/4(1).

As per this difference it can be stated that, CMI pads are more feasible than asbestos pads while conducting the given task or operations. Price using permanent tool equipment.Case Analysis Example Case: Cumberland Metal ere is an example case analysis, using the Cumberland Metal Industries (CMI) case.

Get help with your homework A Houston area sales representative has made us aware of the use of curled metal in pile driving as a cushion to absorb shock. The curled metal pads have been tested by two contracting groups, Colerick and Fazio, both with promising success and noticeable advantages over the current asbestos pads.
Cumberland Diversified Metals | Cumberland Metal Industries Executive Summary 1. We see the company considering the penetration to the new market with a new product.

There are sample passages for each of four main sections: Executive Summary, Current Assessment, Strategic Options, and Tactical Plan. Cumberland Industries faces the challenge to Place in the market (promote/advertise) and price their latest innovation, the curled metal cushion pads in a way that it reveals the great advantages that the product provides.

Cumberland's target market for the new curled metal pads is the construction industry, mainly pile driving contractors, who used cranes to drive piles into the ground. They really had no competitors because it was a new product and the only other products used as replacement for their product were.

The Manufacturers' Representatives should be trained by a small CMI sales team on how to market the cushion pads. The focus of the training should be the cost savings benefit of the curled metal pads, the potential dangers of the asbestos pads, and the CMI brand and product name.

Curled Metal Inc.–Engineered Products Division Case Solution,Curled Metal Inc.–Engineered Products Division Case Analysis, Curled Metal Inc.–Engineered Products Division Case Study Solution, Pricing Analysis of the New Business Model The calculations for the pricing of the new business model are given in the section of exhibits.

Curled Metal Inc.–Engineered Products Division Case Solution

The pricing of. It is a case study about Cumberland Metal Industries from Harvard Industries.

Cumberland metal industries essay

A price for driving pills has to be chosen. This study contains an introduction into the problem, the calculation and a conclusion.

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