Concierge medical practice business plan

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Concierge medical practice business plan

Fee-based Amenities

Key concierge medical practice legal issues include: If physicians are Medicare par or non-par but not opted outthen physicians can only offer Medicare non-covered services on a concierge basis, and enforcement penalties can be stiff if physicians get the coverage decision wrong.

The OIG has initiated several enforcement actions against physicians for charging Medicare beneficiaries for services covered by Medicare. One alleged that R. After looking at the facts and circumstances of the case, the OIG alleged that at least some of these contracted services were already covered and reimbursable under Medicare.

The other involved Lee R.

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The OIG alleged that the practitioner requested payments from Medicare beneficiaries in violation of his assignment agreement. Specifically, the practitioner allegedly asked his patients to enter into a membership agreement for his patient care program, under which the patients paid an annual fee.

In exchange for the fee, the membership agreement specified that the practitioner would provide members with: Medicare may allow concierge fees for services that are clearly non-covered, provided that the concierge contract is clear that the fees will be going exclusively to those non-covered services.

However, one of the hidden issues is that Medicare-covered services might be expected in, or bundled with, the services provided by the Concierge Membership Fee, even if the services described by the Concierge Membership Agreement appear to be non-Medicare-covered services.


For example, there are five CPT codes that may be selected to bill for office or other outpatient visits for a new patient: Straightforward medical decision making.Concierge Service Business Plan. Business planners who are interested in developing a concierge service business plan would do well to review the business plan detail of Godsend Concierge Service, a business model that addresses the needs of a promising market / MedVAS concierge medicine program—Tulsa’s Premier Personalized Care Practice Started in by Richard N.

concierge medical practice business plan

Marple, MD. FACP and Susan Marple, Nurse practitioner, the MedVAS (Medical Value Added Services) concierge medical practice was one of first of this type of program to be started in  · The practice has been referred to as concierge medicine, retainer medicine, membership medicine, cash-only practice, and direct care.

While all "concierge" medicine practices share similarities, they vary widely in their structure, payment requirements, and form of r-bridal.comss model · Vs. direct primary care · History · Growth ·  · As much as concierge medicine has been touted as a way for doctors to get rich on less work, opening up a new concierge medical practice is a huge challenge.

Not only are you starting up a new practice, you’re trying to sell patients on a completely new way to pay for and receive  · PartnerMD is a concierge and executive health medical practice that has 26 doctors in eight locations in five states, including two in the Richmond region.

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concierge medical practice business plan

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