Civil war cheat sheat

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Civil war cheat sheat

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Europa Universalis 3 Patch v1. Ability to replace dropping players with the AI in Multiplayer. Improved AI, for even more challenging gameplay. Expanded historical database, with tons of detail added to the game.

Enhanced interface, with numerous tool tips to explain various actions in detail. Dozens upon dozens of gameplay tweaks to refine a great game even further. Gameplay Balancing Attrition is now a gradual percentage when above supply limit.

Strongest regiments will now always be in the center of battlelines. Tweaked recruit speed to be slower Civil war cheat sheat non accepted culture provinces, and overseas. Decays for tradtion is now working as originally intended, and should actually give normal levels of tradition.

Forts now increase supply limit. Units created from reorganisation in neutral territory can now move out of it properly. Navies can no longer be given movement orders when they are unloading. You can no longer retreat into terra incognita. Leaders at units disbanded at sea should now die as well.

Colonial Changes There is no longer nationalism in colonies. Colonies can no longer be assigned centers of trade, only cities can get those. It is no longer possible to incite natives in a colony without natives. Distance for colonists now works properly for all ports.

It is no longer possible to attack natives in territories owned by someone else. It is no longer possible to attack natives while your army is moving. Colonies can now also defect if rebel controlled.

You will now lose badboy for someone stealing your colonies. Economical Changes Free minting is now a thing of the past. The non culture CoT is now a non-core CoT penalty. Merchants that compete now takes the empty slot directly.

Mercantilism now increases placement chance while freetrade increases compete chance for mechants. It is now quite alot cheaper to send missionaries to pagans compared to other religions.

Confucianism is now a little bit worse when it comes to tax. Tweaked the years ahead penalty to not be logaritmic.

Civil war cheat sheat

Spy Changes Prestige penalty is now applied correctly if a spy mission is discovered. Cardinals now give you slightly more efficient spies. Prestige now effects efficiency of your spies.

Centralization and Narrowmindedness improves defence versus spies. You now need government tech 23 for counterfeit currency, and government tech 6 is required for sow discontent. Diplomacy Changes Reworked warscore to have some sort of relevance to the actual war. Now it depends on percentage occupied.

Cost for vassalization now depends on the value of the provinces of that country. The cost for forcing the release of a country is now same basis as a vassals.

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Union leaders now automatically take control in wars. Diplomats send to a country will now tell the target country about where its capital is. You now get a permanent casus belli on anyone above the badboy limit.

Civil war cheat sheat

Other Changes New countries created as vassals or revolters must now always contain their old capital.Start studying Civil War Cheat Sheet. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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These are not. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for History Channel: Civil War for PlayStation 2 (PS2). Europa Universalis 3 Game Description. Europa Universalis 3 (Europa Universalis III) is an RTS game from Paradox Interactive that takes place between and (with the expansion Napoleon’s Ambition until ).The object of the game is to navigate a .

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