Change and continuity of indian ocean

Questions of Periodization Nature and causes of changes The fall of classical empires led to decentralization of government in China and in Europe leading up to the period of C. The collapse of the Han dynasty in China opened the door to the spread and appeal of Buddhism into China, since the Confucian authority was no longer centralized. In the Western Roman Empire, the fall of the west left a power vacuum that set the stage for the rise of fragmented regional kingdoms.

Change and continuity of indian ocean

TIME - it is impossible to consider modern India without using the concept of time. The introduction of such technologies as satellite TV and the internet have allowed western ideals to encroach in the conservative values of India. Long entrenched cultural values are being challenged as acculturation brings Indian societies into contact with different attitudes and ideologies.

Change and continuity of indian ocean

A strong component of globalization is westernization, meaning the western style consumerism, attitudes, fashion and music infiltrate non-western culture. Mobility is linked to improved means of communication and cheaper travel.

The internet and satellite TV allow Indians to travel more easily giving them, absorbing ideas from other cultures. BYPASS - because of the many and various ways of communication now available, it is more difficult for traditional authorities to maintain control over the information and ideas received by members of Indian society.

The question remains are Hindus in general and Brahmins losing control over Indian society. Many of these western programs stress physically, fantasy and sexuality over intellectuality, realism and self-sacrifice. Hindu values are not being represented.

These programs portray a life of easy success and instant pleasure that is attractive to young people, but fundamentalists argue, that it does nothing to prepare them for the real world.

Many hindus fear the impact of sattelite TV programs on their society. They see them as a threat to traditional society and a signpost to a time when Hindu culture has been absorbed by the westernised global village.

Historical Overview: Continuity and Change in the Indian Ocean 2 Description of the Indian Ocean The Indian Ocean touches Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica. In the period from CE to CE, the commerce in the Indian Ocean was primarily influenced by the expansion of several societies and . The Indian Ocean was a major trading zone for the areas surrounding it in the time period from C. We will write a custom essay sample on Continuities and Changes of the Commerce of the Indian Ocean Region from C.E. to C.E. specifically for you.

The future is likely to see a continuism of the struggle between fundamentalists and the global media. Changes since independence have affected women in different ways. Middleclass women have shared the same boost in income and expectations as middle-class men.

A small but highly visible minority of women have achieved considerable advances, professionally and socially.

Continuity And Change/india

The danger lies in assuming that the lives of all women have improved equally. Most women in India remain poor, rural and uneducated. Many poor women have two full time jobs: In some rural areas, poor women work in agriculture; in cities they work in a variety of small-scale industries, or as petty traders and domestic servants.

There is considerable qualitative information available to show the extent of prejudice and discrimination experienced by women in India.

A number of concerns are: The modernization of Indian society has brought a range of choices and opportunities to elite and middle class women. Despite the fact that the payment of dowries has now been made illegal, it has shown few signs of diminishing its grips.

Change and continuity of indian ocean

Many argue that dowry underlines the subordinate status of women since they are rarely given any control over their own dowry.

A married woman faces even greater pressure if she wants to divorce her husband. Although the constitution allows for divorcees to remarry, few are in the position to do so simply because they are considered outcasts by society. The power and leadership of the Brahmins and the overall dominance of males in Hindu society has long affected the lives of women.

The traditional role of women as set down in the laws of Manu stresses that women should not be independent. It is important to note that today many Hindus especially in more westernized urban areas are more liberal in their interpretation of gender roles.State formation in this era demonstrated remarkable continuity, innovation and diversity in various regions.

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In Afro-Eurasia, some states attempted, with differing degrees of success, to preserve or revive imperial structures, while smaller, less centralized states continued to develop. Although the Indian Ocean commerce was subject to many changes, slavery was a continuity that was a profitable business before and also during the Indian Ocean trade network.

Slavery was carried on by the Arabs, Persians, and some of the Indians. Two major sea-trading routes - those of the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean - linked the newly created Muslim Empire together, and Arabic sailors come to dominate the trade. Muslims also were active in the Silk Road trade to India.

U.S.-India Relations Under Trump: Island Of Continuity In An Ocean Of Change there will be much hand-wringing in many capitals about how their relations with Washington could change in radical ways. His ugly rhetoric about immigration and Muslims will not play well among many Indians and Indian-Americans—and it practically ensures.

Change and Continuity of Commerce in the Indian Ocean Region from CE to CE. The Indian Ocean has always been a powerful trading region, between East Africa and China, that has caused religion, crops, languages, and people to spread.

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Change & Continuity Over Time Essay CCOT. Purpose: • To evaluate your ability to analyze migrations, or environment. The continuity and change over time questions require analysis of process and explanation of commerce in the Indian Ocean region from .

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