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Business plan opstellen unizo ondernemingsnummer

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Posted on August 12, by Marcus Ampe On Monday august the 4th, from Glasgow, Scotland to Liege and the small Saint-Symphorien in southern Belgium, leaders of the former enemies Belgium, France, Britain and Germany stood together in a spirit of reconciliation to commemorate the th anniversary of the start of conflict that became known as The Great War.

Peggy Noonan, writing in the Wall Street Journal last week, noted world leaders had their lives altered by the war as thoroughly as the map and the soldiers and the civilians.

President Woodrow Wilson ultimately had a series of strokes after attempting to police peace conferences that followed the war. Nations were drawn in, not like dominoes falling but more like the vortex of water down the drain.

Once more the grounds of Flanders could become the battlefield of Europe. Wikipedia One hundred years ago the British had disembarked at ports along the coast of northern France, ignorant of what was to come and fortified by the belief that the Germans would surely soon be routed and they could all return home for Christmas.

Their generals, under the command of Field Marshal Sir John French, had never intended to participate in a major engagement at Mons, this was only to be a temporary base. After Liege, it was the turn of Mons where the first and last British soldiers found their rest-place.

French, British and Belgian units are shown in red, German units are shown in blue. Fortress towns are marked with a shaded red circle.

Wikipedia Neither did the Germans, for their part, imagine that their foes were present in numbers in Belgium.

And so the Battle of Mons began on 23 August and ended the following day, each side claiming glory, but with the British soldiers frustrated at being ordered to retreat when it appeared they held the advantage.

He was well aware of the atrocities his fellow countrymen brought to many civilians but also many world treasures as the ones who went up in flames in Leuven. British Prime Minister David Cameron hailed the spirit to heal such deep wounds and such deep-rooted enmity.

business plan opstellen unizo ondernemingsnummer

The Mons ceremony focused on the small military cemetery of Saint-Symphorien, where Commonwealth and German soldiers were buried together in a gesture of reconciliation even as the fighting raged.

The place was only open to invited guests.

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Common folks could have a glimpse of the world leaders in Mons city itself, where my friend Steve took some photographs where you might find my selection here underneath. Already early in the day people started coming to the Grand Place. Mons, 16th-century main square of Mons or Grand Place becoming filled with trilled people.

Everywhere people could find a place to see more, was taken. On screens people could see what was hidden by the crowd. First afraid he soon came loose and enjoyed the contact with the enthusiast public.

Impression of the royal visit for the memorial in Mons — Photo by Steve Robinson The major of Mons and ex-premier of Belgium welcoming the royal visitors. Symphorien Military Cemetery 2 km east of Mons. Due consideration to public safety, as well as the scale of operation needed to ensure the site is ready and then returned to normal on completion it was closed for several days for the general public.

Symphorien Military Cemetery in St. Symphorien near the city of Mons has a peaceful tranquillity. There are two areas: This is administered by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission that maintains it in an admirable manner.

The cemetery at St. The owner of the land Jean Houzeau de Lehaie, only wanted to sell it when the Germans would allow it that also other victims would be buried on the same grounds. He sold his land to the Germans who kept word, so that today it is one of the very few graves where soldiers from both sides can be found laying together on the same ground.

The Duchess of Cambridge walks with King Philippe of Belgium and Queen Matilde of Belgium past war graves at St Symphorien Military Cemetery Among those buried in the graveyard is Private John Parr of the Middlesex Regiment, who possibly was fatally wounded during an encounter with a German patrol two days before the battle, but could also be killed by friendly fire.

But him being killed in a foreign country made him the first British soldier to be killed in action on the Western Front. Opposite him lies the last Commonwealth soldier killed, shortly before the armistice at 11am on 11 NovemberPrivate George revenue report rosalin manon lisanne m2a.

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business plan opstellen unizo ondernemingsnummer

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